Female Blues Rock Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata

One of the Best Female Blues Rock Guitarists Shredmistress Rynata

A native of Germany, now residing in Los Angeles, California. Her repertoire includes Blues | Rock | Jazz | Shredding Metal to just about anything playable on the guitar. Her guitar students come from all over to take lessons from The Shredmistress. Among those, lots of female guitarists who want to learn how to play Blues, Rock and do all the Shredding Metal Guitar Tricks the guys are known for.

Rynata brings with her a classical background, disciplined musical training and a love for music that transcends genres. Well versed in jazz | rock | blues |country and of course the metal ‘shredding’ side of the house, Rynata has truly become ‘An Ultimate Guitarist’. She takes the listener on a journey and that is exactly what she wants. The Shredmistress ‘noodles’ but amidst her shredding ability sits a musicality that is hard to find in today’s guitarists.

the media speaks:
Female Blues Rock Guitarist The Shredmistress has been called The Femme Fatale of the Fretboard. Unsurpassed technical ability, coupled with great musicality make her "One of the Best Female Guitarists To-Date."
Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine

"Rynata shredded licks that some guys only wish they could pull off themselves … I have heard a lot of women guitarists in the past, but I was blown away, along with the crowd."
Rock City News, Los Angeles, California

"What made it all happen for me was the spectacular solo shredding of Rynata. There are virtually no female lead guitar players who can take off with the kind of soaring melodic feel and riveting articulation that this lady has mastered (In fact, very few male guitar players have this either)."
Music Connections, Los Angeles, California

The focus is on The Blues in 2018. Think Joe Bonamassa meets The Shredmistress. Networking with Women Blues Guitarists world-wide.

Female Blues Rock Guitar Sounds & Videos

Female Blues Rock Guitar Videos | Shredmistress Rynata

Female Blues Rock Guitar Videos by Shredmistress Rynata | Glamazon | Kobalt Blue
An assortment of Female Blues Rock Guitar Videos, which contain archival footage and recent Blues Jams. The emphasis in 2018 is on the Blues, with some major blues tours planned, throughout Europe and the USA. Bringing women guitarists and female blues musicians together.

Some Female Shred Guitar – from the Archives

Slow Blues Jam with Female Guitarist Rynata

Glamazon – with Women Guitarists Rynata and Christine

Impromptu Blues Jam with Kyle Rowland and Female Blues Guitarist Rynata

Collage – Past and Present – from the Archives

Collage – Past and Present – from the Archives

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