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imported from Germany, now residing in Los Angeles, California. Her repertoire includes heavy metal to blues / jazz / rock to just about anything playable on the guitar. Her guitar students come from all over to take lessons from The Shredmistress.

Rynata brings with her a classical background, disciplined musical training and a love for music that transcends genres. Well versed in jazz/rock/blues/country and of course the metal 'shredding' side of the house, Rynata has truly become 'An Ultimate Guitarist'. And a Female one to boot. She takes the listener on a journey and that is exactly what she wants. No 3 minute guitar-wanking pieces for this one. The guitar playing market is already saturated with 'no brainer' robotic, 3 arpeggios up and down the neck, mindless noodeling. The Shredmistress 'noodles' but amidst her shredding ability sits a musicality that is hard to find in today's guitarists.

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A Female Guitarist on a Mission

Guitar Instrumental Pieces.

From raging metal to introspective atmospheric sound scapes, they are a MUST HAVE if you like guitar! Unlike anything on the guitar playing market today.

Plus selected Remixes of the legendary Band


This futuristic and techno/metal Band was founded in San Francisco by female guitarist Shredmistress Rynata and Christine Beatty and enjoys a huge following all over the globe. For the first time ever, their award winning pieces are now available for Download!

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"Shredmistress Rynata has been called The Femme Fatale of the Fretboard. Unsurpassed technical ability, coupled with great musicality make her

One of the Best Female Guitarists To-Date."

Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine

"Rynata shredded licks that some guys only wish they could pull off themselves ... I have heard a lot of female guitarists in the past, but I was blown away, along with the crowd."

Rock City News, Los Angeles, California

"What made it all happen for me was the spectacular solo shredding of Rynata. There are virtually no female lead guitar players who can take off with the kind of soaring melodic feel and riveting articulation that this lady has mastered (In fact, very few male guitar players have this either)."

Music Connections, Los Angeles, California

Female Guitarist The Shredmistress with Fender Guitar and Marshall Amp

Shredmistress FAQ:

How many guitars do you own?

At the moment 16 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars and 1 bass

Do you favor one brand over others?

Not really. I own guitars by Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Schecter and also from 3 endorsement companies. I gotta say though, my favorite guitar for recording is a 1968 Les Paul Gold Top. Love that one.

How does it make you feel being such a role model for other female guitarists, especially the young ones who are just now exploring the electric guitar?

I am a guitar teacher and therefore, I lecture a lot hahaha... besides, I have a lot of female guitar students. Which, of course, I love. I always say: lead by example and that's what I try to do. In my music and my teachings. Don't get lazy and just rely on the fact that you're a female playing guitar. Hone your skills on all levels and you shall succeed!

Is there any music you can't stand playing?

Mmhh... I don't think so. Oh... yes, there is. Mindless musak in a generic hotel for people who could care less. Been there, done that. Horrible. But as far as styles/music genres go, I kinda like it all.

Who are your guitar influences?

A lot of the '80 metal gods I must admit. Ingvie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Iron Maiden, Frank Marino, also Joe Satriani. I had a huge metal phase and still love to play it but I also have embraced so many other styles and players. One of my all time favorite guitarist is Django Reinhard. A brilliant gypsy jazz guitarist from France. From the '40s. Unbelievable playing and passion. Jimi Hendrix for really putting electric solo guitar on the map for all of us to get into. Eddie Van Halen, oh man... awesome player. I could go on and on. The blues players, country pickers (yes I love that too..)...let's move on otherwise I won't stop...

Are you political? Do you get involved in issues and causes?

Oh yes. I am very opinionated and voice it too. I care about our environment, our health, justice for all, and can easily get riled up when I see stupidity or greed doing harm to the world or people. And isn't there a lot of that out there! And I love a good, feisty debate about issues. Bring it on I say.

You were born in Germany?

Yes, Hof, a small town, but I really grew up in Düsseldorf.

Anyone musical in your family besides you?

My dad, who's deceased. He was a conductor and violinist. Classical all the way when I grew up. He was the one who bought me an acoustic guitar. At first he suggested the accordion and we actually went to see this world famous accordionist (friend of his) who demo'd little accordions for me. I was only 13 at the time. Can you imagine? I could have easily shredded on the accordion hahaha... thank god my dad asked me, after we left, if I'd rather have a guitar (it was a birthday present after all). The answer stands before you today!

You create a lot of your own tracks correct?

I do. I love the digital recording process and having total control of every aspect. Does that make me a 'control freak'?

What softwares/platform do you use and record on?

PCs. Nuendo, Acid, Reason, Ableton Live and some other stuff. I've become a rather competent drum programmer. At least they tell me so. I play drums just enough to get it you know. You gotta think like a drummer to program. Unless it's hip hop/Techno or so. Then anything goes. I have a few clients I program for. Create backing tracks for vocalists for example. Also dabbling in sound tracks for Film and TV. People tell me that my original music reminds them a lot of sound tracks to movies. So there you go!


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