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Minarik Inferno Guitar

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Minarik INFERNO Guitars

Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata
endorses the Minarik Inferno Guitar

The Minarik Inferno claims to be the most scientifically advanced electric guitar. And it might very well be. The Inferno was one of the first guitars this upstart guitar company built and they have a most interesting arsenal of futuristic guitars in their repertoire by now. Mark Minarik, who is the brain behind the company, employs impeccable workmanship and an artistic eye for design. The Inferno sports custom tone chambers throughout the entire body, even into the flame tongues, which makes the guitar lighter than it appears and the sound is fantastic.

Female Guitarist The Shredmistress was one of the first guitarists to receive an endorsement from Minarik Guitars and has routinely demo'd their instruments at NAMM. The Shredmistress owns a black Inferno Guitar and a cracked-glass Mirror ball Inferno. Minarik Guitars is known for their support towards female guitarists and female musicians in general.

  • 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.
  • Body: Select Mahogany, Paua Abalone Binding
  • Neck: Select Mahogany, Figured Rosewood Fretboard, White Pearl Torch Orchid Position Markers
  • Head: Select Mahogany, White Pearl "M" Logo With Abalone and Pearl Charub
  • Pickups: Bridge: Tone Perfect "Resonata"
  • Neck: Tone Perfect "Resonata"
  • Hardware: Tune-A-Matic Bridge and Engraved Tail Piece
  • Strings: Everly Strings

female guitarist Shredmistress Rynata with Minarik Inferno Guitar

The Shredmistress with Minarik Inferno
Guitar at NAMM, Anaheim

Just a few words about the Inferno:

Well... what can one say about this guitar... take one look and tell me you've seen anything like it on the guitar market. A true show stopper!

Aside from the visuals though... it's quite light due to the sound chambers throuout the body and flames, plays fantastically, sounds awesome thanks to the hot rod pickus installed and is ONE HELL OF A GUITAR! Minarik was kind enough to give me another one.. with a cracked mirror glas top (as seen on my opening page)

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