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Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata at various NAMM Events

Shredmistress Rynata with Minarik Inferno guitar at NammI always have a great time at NAMM even though.. after a while it's equipment overload and I feel drained after having been subjected to super sonic sounds and noises for 4 days straight. Every year there is more gear, especially in the guitar market. Below are just a few impressions.

Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata

demoing the Inferno Guitar at the Minarik Guitar booth. I endorse the Minarik Inferno Guitar and own two of those fab guitars. They are quite the show stopper. Minarik makes some amazing innovative guitars. Mark Minarik, designer of the company, has an impeccable eye for style and functionality. Bill MInarik and his son Mark have been supporters of women musicians for a long time and have helped one notable female guitarist quite nicely along the way. Much appreciated!

Brubaker Guitar BoothBrubaker Guitars (see pix) is a cool company with some nice guitars. The guys at Brubaker Guitars decided that "green" was my color with the hair-do and all. Hence the green guitar. Personally, I like the chunks of blue hair with the poster background. Very styling. BTW: cool guitars! I checked them out and jammed quite a bit.

female guitarist Shredmistress Rynata at D'Aquisto at NAMMPlaying some tasty jazz stuff on this cool D'Aquisto Guitar at the Aria USA booth. Photo by Jim Steinfeldt. I sat down at Aria USA and played some of their jazz guitars under the brand name D'Aquisto. Lovely Guitars. Jim Steinfeldt, a photographer friend of mine caught me there and took the cool pix.

Vernon Reid of Living Color, Reggie Mars and Shredmistress RynataSome more massive shredding took place at the Floyd Rose booth. They are mainly known for their whammy bar system but they have come out with a most innovative guitar design. It's mainly the string mechanism that set them apart. No more tuning pegs. The strings just lock in at the head stock and it takes all but seconds to change a string. Very nifty. I was hooked on a guitar resembling a small Flying V and it sounded amazing. Thru a Vox Valvetronic amp, set on a killer overdrive tone. Couldn't stay away from that. Guitarist Vernon Reid of Living Color heard the Shredmistress shred at Floyd Rose and posed for a picture with bass meister Reggie Mars. He was super sweet and paid The Shredmistress a bunch of compliments which, as you can imagine, I ate up.

Shredmistress Rynata and Jennifer Corday at Switch GuitarsI came across Switch Guitars which featured a line of interesting guitars. What caught my eye was the Revolution X101 guitar which at first glance closely resembled the Burns Flyte I own. But it's a different animal. All their guitars are made out of "Vibracell" a patented material. There's no wood here. And the designs are cool. See pix below with female guitarist and singer Jennifer Corday and myself, posing with the pink ladies. Those guitars ARE PINK!! We were going for a color coordinated look here. I played some cool blues/funk stuff on the Revolution and loved it. Squeaky clean tones but I'm sure this thing can shred. It's made for that. The feel and balance was nice. Met the Cheap Chicks girls there and lots of folks checking out the guitars.

rocking out with Timmy Dodd, a 5 year old drummer and Rikk Beatty
Did some cool playing at the Scott Dixon Booth. They make some really interesting cases for amps and guitars. Out of England, made according to military specs as Dave Scott was telling me. It took them 6 months to get permission from the english government to use this formula. The whole backline looked like it was out of Star Wars. Gleaming and shining in the lights. They are virtually indestructible but really light. At one point 2 or three sturdy guys stood on one of the guitar cases to demonstrate just HOW sturdy they are. I brought over the Minarik Inferno and jammed with Rikk Beatty (guitarist, a bassist and Jimmy Dodd a 5 year old drummer and we brought down the house to a huge crowd. They were watching the kid I just know it (grin). Too cool. As I stopped by later, I got introduced to the neighboring booth Mayones Guitars They came from Poland and make some fine handcrafted guitars and basses. High end and high quality.

female guitarist/singer Alexa Vetere and the Shredmistress with their Minarik Inferno guitars.
Female singer Alexa Vetere and female guitarist Shredmistress Rynata with their Minarik Inferno guitars.

surf guitarist Dick Dale and Shredmistress
World renown surf guitarist Dick Dale is endorsed by Minarik guitars and so is moi! Very cool to share the stage (or booth should I say) with such an amazing guitarist.

The Shredmistress with actor Steven Segal at Namm
Groovy to meet actor Steven Segal at the Hilton while we both were attending an acoustic singer/songwriters showcase! He was quite an imposing site.

Artie Traum and Reggie Mars
Folk legend Artie Traum and bassist Reggie Mars at the Hilton Ballroom. We didn't have tickets to attend this event so Artie Traum kindly gave us two.

Shredmistress Rynata with Minarik Inferno at NAMM
Female Guitarist Rynata playing the Minarik Inferno in front of some cute girls, with Mark Minarik looking on and handling sound matters.

Rynata with Minarik Inferno Guitar
Looking for "da notes" Fun performance at the Minarik Guitar Booth, trying to keep the Namm Police from coming over because of excessive decible levels.

jazz legendary guitarist Jimmy Stewart
Jazz great and legend Jimmy Stewart performed at the Hilton. Truly remarkable experience. Thanks for the chat Jimmy.


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