Female Blues Rock Guitarist Rynata with Bill Tipton Guitar
Rynata with handmade Tipton Guitar

Shredmistress Rynata – Female Guitar Player

Blues * Rock * Metal *Shred Guitar

with handmade Bill Tipton Guitar

Bill Tipton has an outstanding reputation as a guitar builder and all of his guitars meet the highest standards. Imagine my surprise when I was told that he had made a special guitar just for me. From the first moment it was love. What a wonderful addition to my shredding arsenal. Lightweight but meaty in tone and sound. Beautiful to look at. Sleek features, great workmanship… it really shines and I MEAN IT.

Tipton Guitar – for all music styles:

Blues * Rock * Shred Guitar * Kewl Funk

Bill Tipton Guitar white

It has always been a pleasure playing the Tipton guitars at NAMM or assorted Trade shows, either playing the Blues or shredding Metal. Therefore, fathom my surprise when I was told that he personally designed a guitar for me. Whoa! If you get a chance to check out these guitars you should.

Tipton Guitars are a marriage of old world craftsmanship along with state-of-the-art CNC routers. This combination results in the finest guitar available on the market today. All guitars are built meticulously, to your specification.

I can’t thank Ronnie North enough, fellow guitar shredder, to introduce me to Bill Tipton. You rock man.

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