Last updated on April 8th, 2018

Female Metal Shred Blues Rock Guitar Videos by Shredmistress Rynata | Glamazon | Kobalt Blue

Female Rock Guitar Videos | Shredmistress Rynata

An assortment of Female Rock Guitar Videos, which contain archival footage and recent Blues Jams. Tours planned in 2018 throughout Europe and the USA. Bringing women guitarists and female rock musicians together.

Some Female Shred Guitar – from the Archives

Slow Blues Jam with Female Guitarist Rynata

Glamazon – with Women Guitarists Rynata and Christine

Impromptu Blues Jam with Kyle Rowland and Guitarist Rynata

Collage – Past and Present – from the Archives

Solo Excerpt – Promised Land

** Stay Tuned for more Female Guitar Power ! More Videos of Best Female Shred Metal Rock Guitar **

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