Female Guitarist Rynata at various NAMM Shows

Shredmistress Rynata at Minarik Guitars | Namm Show | sunburst Inferno
Shredmistress Rynata playing at the Minarik Booth

I always have a great time at NAMM even though.. after a while, it’s equipment overload. Super sonic sounds and noises for 4 days straight. Every year there is more gear, especially in the guitar market. Below are just a few impressions.

Female Blues Rock Guitarist Rynata and Minarik Inferno Guitar

Playing some impromptu Blues, Rock, with a good dose of metal shredding. Love the Minarik Inferno Guitar. I own two of those guitars. They are quite the show stopper. Minarik makes some innovative guitars. Mark Minarik, designer of the company, has an impeccable eye for style and functionality. Bill MInarik and his son Mark have been supporters of women musicians for a long time and have helped one notable Female Blues Guitarist quite nicely along the way. Much appreciated!

Rynata at D'Aquisto Guitars. Some jazzy and bluesy runs!
Rynata jamming on the D’Aquisto Guitar

Playing some tasty jazz and blues stuff on this cool D’Aquisto Guitar at the Aria USA booth. Photo by Jim Steinfeldt. I sat down at Aria USA and played some of their jazz guitars under the brand name D’Aquisto. Lovely Guitars. Jim Steinfeldt, a photographer friend of mine, caught me there and took this cool pix.

Shredmistress Rynata with Vernon Reid and R.M. after a fun jam session!
Vernon Reid of Living Color, Rynata, R.M.

Some more massive shredding took place at the Floyd Rose booth. I was hooked on a guitar resembling a small Flying V with a killer sound.
Guitarist Vernon Reid of Living Color
happened to walk by and hung out for the jam and picture.

Dick Dale and Shredmistress Rynata jamming at the Minarik Guitar Booth.
Dick Dale, Shredmistress Rynata at Minarik Guitars

World renown surf guitarist Dick Dale
is endorsed by Minarik guitars and so is moi! Very cool to share the stage (or booth should I say) with such an amazing guitarist.

Rynata plays the Minarik Inferno as a rather young female crowd looks on.
Rynata demoing the Minarik Inferno Guitar

Female Guitarist Rynata
playing the Minarik Inferno in front of some cute girls, with Mark Minarik looking on and handling sound matters.